calpak soho carry-on luggage review

Most travelers don’t mind the design or style of their bag, as long as it’s durable and high-quality. However, if you are the kind of person who wanted to match your bag with your style and ensure that you can rely on it while traveling; there is a wide variety of carry-on bags that you can choose from. What’s fun with the classic design if you can be bolder?

Another masterpiece from the Calpak is their Soho 21-inch carry-on rolling suitcase that’s perfect for fashion enthusiasts. Who says all high-quality bags are in dark or intimidating yet boring colors? Stand above the crowd with your stylish yet durable carry-on bag that is perfect for both holiday and business overseas trip. We recently featured the Calpak Soho carry-on in our 2018 Calpak luggage review which – read the full review here – now its time to take a deep-dive into the Soho and see how good it really is in its own right.

High-quality material

The carry-on bag is made out of 100% polyester material to ensure durability. You can put as many things as you want inside this large carry-on bag without worrying about tearing it up in the process. For customers who are keen on the quality of the material, rest assured that the polyester is imported from other countries.

Large compartment

The bag offers a lot of large compartment to help you organize your things. You can maximize the space of the bag with the help of its compartment and ensure that you’re going out with everything that you might need for the trip.


It’s also an advantage for a traveler to have a lightweight bag that he can easily carry around while he is inside the airport or just simply wandering around the city. You don’t need to worry about sore muscles anymore should you invest in Soho carry-on bag.

Retractable handle system

Just like other Calpak’s carry-on bags, it also has a retractable handle system that saves you time and hassles in the process. Calpak is known for heavy-duty handle system, and the Soho is no different from other quality handle systems they’ve mounted on other collections.

Large storage

As what we’ve mentioned above, the bag provides a large storage for all of your clothes even for an eight-day trip. Hence, you can bring as much as you want without worrying about the bulkiness or the hassle of carrying a heavy bag anymore.


It’s great for people who are keen on their style and wanted to buy an expensive-looking carry-on bag on a tight budget. It is similar to the bags that you can find in expensive boutiques, only it’s more robust and specifically designed for traveling compared to them.

Quality construction

Calpak is known for high-quality bags, so it’s no surprise of the detailed construction of the bag and craftsmanship. If this is your first time buying a travel bag and you want it to be worthy, this is the bag that you are looking for.

Stylish, durable, and affordable

Stylish, durable, and affordable—what else can you ask for? This carry-on bag is the key for a successful trip you are about to have. And the good news is that you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket just to have this quality bag in your hands.

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