Have you been looking at Calpak luggage wondering what the quality is like? We have put together a comprehensive Calpak luggage review for 2018. This review matches up the top items of Calpak luggage, with a detailed review of each item. At the end of this article we include a summary on the luggage featured along with our top pick.

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After reading this article you should have a clear idea of what Calpak have to offer. You should also understand what you will get for your money when you purchase luggage from Calpak.

As well as your typical carry-on cases we are also reviewing different types of luggage offered by Calpak. We have included carry-on cases, larger suitcases and duffel bags in our Calpak luggage review.

A Review of Calpak

Calpak are a global retailer operating within the travel market. They mainly produce luggage. Their most popular items include suitcases, duffel bags, backpacks and shoulder bags. They also produce and sell other specialist luggage such as laptop bags.

In addition to their main products they sell a range of travel accessories including luggage tags, packing tubes and phone cases.

Calpak are in the Premium Travel Sector

Calpak are in the premium sector of the travel market. They pride themselves on quality products and everything looks great and feels great in the hand. The thing that stands out about Calpak is their attention to detail – everything is well made and they also include their brand clearly on all of their products. This shows that they are proud of the items they produce.

At the time of writing, Calpak have products for sale in over 2500 locations around the world. They sell their luggage in retail stores and online. Calpak have been recently featured on publications including Forbes, Afar, Travel+Leisure and many others.

calpak carry-on suitcase padlock

Our love of Calpak luggage stems from the same reasons mentioned above. Every piece of luggage is well made, the material always feels good and looks good. Their luggage always looks like its been made with care. The other great thing about Calpak luggage are the cool designs. Yes, they have luggage available in plain colors, but they also produce lots of funky designs. Calpak luggage is great if you want to stand out when travelling. If you are fashion conscious (Like us) then Calpak is definitely for you.

Calpak Luggage Review

We took a selection of luggage from each of the main Calpak luggage categories. When picking out these items we based it on user ratings. We only looked at products with lots of recent positive reviews. So based on this, we should have the best Calpak luggage available as we move into 2018.

During our Calpak luggage review we looked at each item individually for your convenience. Hopefully after reading our Calpak luggage review you will be in a position to buy the right piece of luggage. You will find the right piece to suit your requirements and without having any doubt that it will be the right luggage for your needs.

Calpak Luggage Review Shortlist

  1. Davis expandable Luggage set
  2. Silverlake 20-inch Carry-on Lightweight Expandable Hardside Upright Suitcase
  3. Rover 20-inch Washable Rolling Carry-On Upright Duffel Bag
  4. Soho 21-inch Carry-On Rolling
  5. Silver Lake Solid 22-inch Carry-on Duffel Bag
  6. Plato 21-Inch Rolling Upright Duffel Bag
  7. Avenger 22-inch Lightweight Duffel Bag

Individual Calpak Luggage Review Details

Calpak Davis expandable Luggage set

CALPAK luggage review - Davis Expandable Luggage Set light blue

This 3-piece carry-on luggage set from Calpak has everything that you need for your journey. This set (Model number LDS3000) is ideal for short journeys as well as long journeys. Because it comes with 3 cases, each varying in size, you can select the right one for your journey. It is also ideal for family travel because you can each have your own case (Or the kids can share a case).

The pack includes a carry-on friendly case measuring 19.5 x 14 x 9.5 inches. The medium luggage comes in at 23.5 x 16.5 x 11 inches. Finally the largest piece in the set measures 27 x 19 x 12 inches.

Feature Drill-Down

Lets drill down into some of the features that come with this luggage set. These features help to explain why we have included this set in our Calpak luggage review.

  • Expandable luggage – Each item of luggage in this set has the ability to expand in size by 2 inches. Note the sizes mentioned above are describing the luggage in its non-expanded form. When you expand each piece, you get an additional 2 inches on each of those measurements. This equates to a considerable amount of additional space. When you unzip the expanding section you can fit lots more items in each case. This is ideal when you are returning from your trip – especially if you are bringing back gifts or other additional items.
  • Quality Interior – Each case comes with a beautiful, and functional, interior. There are two packing compartments with each case, allowing you to separate your clothing as required. Each compartment comes with its own criss-cross elastic tie down straps. This means that once you pack everything, you can secure it in place.
  • Combination lock for security – This Calpak luggage also comes with a built in combination lock. This keeps you at ease once you put your luggage in the hold. Once you lock the suitcases you know that nobody is going to be able to get into them without your consent. The locks are also TSA approved, making them very robust.
  • 8 Dual spinner wheels – Each case comes with 8 dual spinner wheels. These wheels are situated on the four corners of the suitcase – two wheels to each corner. 8 wheels may sound excessive but once you have wheeled this case around the airport you will understand why. The case is so easy to maneuver and feels effortless to wheel along, compared to older cases.

Color Options

The Calpak Davis expandable 3-piece luggage set comes in two different colors – a dark blue and a light blue. If you want your luggage to be indiscriminate the dark blue color is ideal. If you are a fashion conscious individual then the light blue cases look fantastic. The light blue of the shell sits perfectly with the dark zips and detailing on the cases. Together these two colors make for an amazing looking case.

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CALPAK ‘Silverlake’ 20-inch Carry-on Lightweight Expandable Hardside Upright Suitcase

CALPAK Silverlake 20-inch Carry-on Upright Suitcase

Calpak’s Silverlake carry-on suitcase is a great item of luggage for the frequent traveler. This item of luggage is ideal for taking on an airplane as it can be carried on to the plane or stored in the hold. The case is lightweight and so its ideal if you want to travel light. It is also expandable so if you buy the Sliverlake and you end up going on a longer trip, you can expand the case to fit more inside it.

The Calpak Silverlake suitcase from Calpak has 4 spinner wheels that rotate 360 degrees. The wheels or located on each corner of the case and allow the case to stand upright and be easily pulled or pushed along. The wheels rotate 360 degrees making the case very easy to turn and in reality the case is very easy to move around.

Great for Convenience

The main reason that we included the Sliverlake in our Calpak luggage review was its convenience. Even though you can fit so much stuff into the case, its just so light. This case is so easy to maneuver and so easy to switch between carrying it, wheeling it and getting it on and off the scales when checking in.

This case has a robust handle that can be retracted for when you need to pick up the case and then expanded making it easy to push or pull along on the wheels. When you expand out the handle it locks in place and you can retract it again using the unlock button on the handle itself.

For those of you that are concerned with security when traveling, the Silverlake also has its own built in combination lock. So when you have packed your case you can lock it up before going on your journey. This is ideal when you are flying because you can check in the bag at the airport without any risk or it being opened up during transit.

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CALPAK Rover 20-inch Washable Rolling Carry-On Duffel Bag

CALPAK Rover 20-inch Washable Rolling Carry-On Duffel Bag

This carry-on duffel bag from Calpak is a great piece of luggage for the short-haul traveler. This item is a cross between a carry-on case and a duffel bag giving you the best of both worlds. It is reasonably large in size, measuring 20 inches by 14 inches. This means you can fit lots into the case. Because it is a duffel bag style, and made from polyester, it is easy to carry around. It is also easy to store away when you have finished using it. Unlike hard-shell luggage that is often harder to store. This makes it ideal if you are staying somewhere with limited storage space or if, for example, you are on a business trip and you want to travel as lightly as possible.

Comes with Retractable Handle

The Calpak Rover also comes with a retractable handle so that you can easily convert it from a hand-held duffel bag to a wheel-along case. This is great if you are looking for a carry-on case that is easy to transport around with you. You can easily switch from wheeling this case through the airport to carrying it by hand as you board the airplane.

Despite the Rovers lightweight design and flexibility it has a surprisingly large storage capacity.

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CALPAK Soho 21-inch Carry-On Rolling Case

CALPAK Luggage review - Soho 21-inch Carry-On Rolling Case

This is definitely one of our favorite items of Calpak luggage. Not only does it look amazon but it is extremely versatile. The Calpak Soho carry-on case comes in a range of different colors and designs. Our favorite is the purple and white spotted design but it also comes in a contemporary green and white floral design, purple, pink and several other high-impact designs.

If you want to make a statement when you are traveling this is definitely an item to look close at purchasing.

This item of carry-on luggage is versatile. Although on first impressions it just looks like a small duffel bag it has a surprisingly large storage capacity. The Soho case from Calpak is 11 inches tall and 21 inches wide so its got a fair amount of space. It also has a hidden retractable handle and two wheels so that you can easily turn it onto a wheel-along case if you are on the move.

It is easy to mark this as a favorite item for us and is without a doubt the most stylish piece of luggage to be featured on our 2018 Calpak luggage review.

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CALPAK Silver Lake Solid 22-inch Carry-on Duffel Bag

CALPAK review - Silver Lake Solid 22-inch Carry-on Duffel Bag luggage

If you are going on a short trip, or you are a light traveler this solid Silver lake duffel bag is the ideal choice. The duffel bag is also ideal if you need something to accompany your main luggage. We also found that frequent travelers or people moving between different locations enjoy this Calpak luggage because it is very versatile.

This duffel bag from Calpak is 100% Polyester based. This makes it easy to carry, lightweight and also easy to store once you are unpacked. The duffel bag has a fabric lining as well, this makes it very durable. As soon as you hold this bag you can tell that it is very well made. It feels great and looks great.

It is very easy to carry this bag thanks to its short handles for carrying the duffel bag by hand. As well as these short handles, the bag also comes with a shoulder strap.

The duffel bag measures 11 inches by 21 inches and has lots of zip-able compartments for storing all of your necessities for travel. This bag also comes in a range of different colors and designs including the standard blue and black, grey, tartan, red, green and pink.

For short trips this is the best item of luggage that we found in our Calpak luggage review.

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CALPAK Plato 21-Inch Rolling Upright Duffel Bag

CALPAK Plato 21-Inch Rolling Upright Duffel Bag

Calpak’s Plato duffel bag is a fantastic item of luggage. The best thing about the Plato is its cool and unique designs. If you are a trend-setter or just someone that wants to make a fashion statement, this is the bag for you.

The Plato comes in so many different designs it is almost breathtaking. This bag comes in almost every color you can think of, and also comes with different pattern options. Our favorite design is the one featured in the image above. It is a sort of floral design without being too “in your face”.

This duffel bag gives the carrier the best of both worlds. It is light weight enough that you can carry it around either by its handles or using the self-locking retractable hand and wheels.

The duffel bag has an easily accessible pocket complete with zip and it also has a shoulder strap. This strap allows you to carry the duffel bag over your shoulder – great if you have packed it full and want an easy way to carry it around whilst also keeping your hands free.

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CALPAK Avenger 22-inch Lightweight Duffel Bag

CALPAK Avenger 22-inch Lightweight Duffel Bag

Last but certainly not least, we have the Calpak Avenger duffel bag. We found this bag so comfortable to carry around and for that reason we had to include it in our Calpak luggage review. The Avenger is made from 100% polyester, it features a front zipper pocket and it has an adjustable non-slip padded shoulder strap.

Calpak are well known for their quality products and this duffel bag offers no exception. Calpak have taken care when making this bag and have not left out any detail. From the side mesh pockets to the buckle straps on the top of the bag everything about the Avenger screams quality and durability.

If you need a light weight duffel bag that is easy to carry around, feels great to hold and has enough room to store all of your gear, you simply can’t go wrong with the Avenger.

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Concluding the Calpak Luggage Review

There you have it; we have shown you the best luggage on offer by Calpak as we move into 2018. After reading this article hopefully you have found the perfect item of luggage for your journey. You should be assured that Calpak luggage offers superior quality, usability and design. If you were already looking at a particular bag or item of luggage, then hopefully we have helped you to make up your mind.

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